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Reduce plastics!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Plastic is the enemy number 1 of the nature. Known as the “7th continent”, plastics are agglomerating in a 3.5 million km2 (about 6 times the surface of France) in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. 267 marine species are threatened by 80.000 tons of waste, including 90% of plastics.

The EU adopted a European strategy for plastics in January 2018. It is part of the EU’s circular economy action plan, and builds on existing measures to reduce plastic waste. The most visible action is the directive on single use plastic products that changes consumer habits in supermarkets.

A typical plastic bottle for home’s detergent weigh more than 70g for 1L (equivalent to 2 bags of the O-NET kitchen degreaser or the O-NET bathroom cleaner for instance). A quick calculation shows that 1 million bags of O-NET products will save 35 tons of plastics!

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